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Gear you should buy for running

Amateur runners get a bit overwhelmed by all the gear and lingo that experienced fitness enthusiasts recommend. While you do not need everything thrown around by professional runners, it is best to start with a few basics. The running essentials maximize your potential and provide the utmost comfort during the strenuous exercise routine.

Football shirts, swimming and surfing shorts are not designed for long-distance running. Furthermore, they can leave you with rashes and chafed skin.

Prioritize your comfort and invest in the right running kit to unleash your true potential. Start with the following basics if you are new to running:

Running shorts

Running shorts should be sweat-resistant, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. They are usually attached with pant liners so you don’t have to wear anything else beneath them. However, it is best to try them on first as tight liners can chafe your skin.

Some sports shorts in Pakistan come with drawstrings while the others have elastic bands. You can adjust the shorts accordingly but remember to buy shorts with a mini pocket. The zipped pockets on either side allow you to keep emergency cash or your car keys safely.

Running footwear

Our feet are prone to blisters in sweat and moisture. Therefore, buying comfortable and seamless running footwear should be on top of your list. Look for padded socks that reduce friction and aid in cushioning.

Running gilet

If you are running on a windy and rainy day, gear yourself up with a long-sleeve water-resistant jacket or gilet. The wind-stopping apparel keeps you warm and dry throughout your running routine. Moreover, the zipped pockets provide more space for professional runners to keep their mobile phones, stopwatches, car keys, and other training accessories.

Running tops

The running tops absorb the sweat rapidly and prevent chafing under the arms. They allow great air circulation through the fabric to keep you cool during the hot weather. Forget about the sip spills from the water bottle as they instantly absorb any liquid to keep you dry and clean.

Improve the quality of your workout by investing in a proper running kit. The right gear motivates you to track your progress and follow your routine consistently.