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Pick the best handheld device or GPS watch for golf

Golf is a game of yards and inches – an inch left or right and the putt that goes in makes a new record. While experienced golfers have caddies, amateur players are their own coaches and mathematicians to calculate each shot before the swing.

Playing with strategy and locating each hole are two great ways to improve your swings. In the past, players used GPS golf units or sprinkler heads to curate a strategy. However, most of them now have a GPS golf watch or a handheld. Basically, these rangefinder devices are the digital yardage notebook to help you avoid hazards, if not a potential meltdown.

Is there a difference between a handheld device and a golf GPS?

Do you want the GPS device mounted to your travel pack or do you want to wear it on your wrist? If you are someone who is not fond of wearing smartwatches, it would feel uncomfortable next to a golf glove.

The difference lies in the design, if not the functionality. You’d never have to worry about the GPS watch getting lost. Moreover, you could wear it outside the golf course; with other running accessories to track your fitness.

The golf GPS watch price in Pakistan is pretty much similar to that of a handheld device. If you are a golfer who likes both, go for an option that comes with a strap to transform a handheld device into a wristwatch.

Can I get the best golf GPS watches on

To help you be at the top of your game, brings you the best picks in 2022:

Garmin Approach G10

A compact and sleek GPS that has everything you need to break your own record. With 15 hours of battery life, you can stay at the course for three rounds.

The Hazard view identifies water spots, out-of-bounds, and sand straps while the yardage receiver provides accurate data so you can swing with confidence.

The advanced stat feature tracks your putts, fairways hits, and greens per round. Overall, it is an affordable option for amateur golfers.

Garmin Approach G80 GPS Golf

Garmin Approach G80 is a color GPS with a built-in monitor to track swing tempo, ball speed, smash factor, head speed, and carry distance. The preloaded courses help you create a strategy for every putting hole.

The ‘PlaysLike Distance’ adjusts the slope and does not even cost you a dime as other rangefinders. If you are a senior golfer or have bad eyesight, do not forget to use the mode of the big numbers.

If you are serious about winning the next golf tournament, consider adding Garmin Approach G80 to your training accessories.

Although many golfers use the GPS rangefinders, the power of a golf watch is unmatched. It helps you avoid the hazards while correcting your strokes from the swing trainers. Go through our list of premier GPS golf units and have your own caddy right away!