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If you are into microscopy, you already know that there are various types of microscopes such as handheld, digital, stereo, and compound microscopes. Some of the models are suited for biological applications while others can be handled easily in classrooms, science labs, or for personal use at home.

Learn about the incredible developments in light microscopy with the best microscopes from Tejar.pk. Apart from the latest models, we have all the necessary accessories like slides, goggles, and other equipment to observe a whole world of microorganisms.

Compound microscope

A compound microscope, commonly known as a binocular with two eyepieces, is a unit that combines the power of lenses to enlarge the subject on the slide. The eyepiece itself provides 15x magnification and when combined with three to four objective lenses, a compound microscope provides magnification of up to 1000x.

The majority of students, scientists, and enthusiasts have vast knowledge about compound microscopes because they are commonly used to study bacteria, cells, parasites, and drug structures. For this very reason, the price of a compound microscope in Pakistan is light on the pocket. This unit entails imaging techniques to help the scientists discover a lot about the specimen.

Stereo microscope

The dissecting microscope has two differently-angled optical paths so that the user can see the image from three dimensions. The stereo microscopes usually operate at low power and give a magnification of no more than 200x. However, if you are a student wanting to observe the photosynthesis process in a plant, this is a suitable unit for you.

Digital microscope

Step into the world of advancement with digital microscopes, only on Tejar.pk. It uses a fast-processing computer to view objects not visible to the naked eye. A digital microscope connects to the computer via a cable and displays the enlarged view of the specimen on the screen. You can comfortably watch the microorganisms move for hours.

Handheld microscopes

While exploring the different types of microscopes available for sale in Pakistan, you’d also come across pocket or handheld microscopes. They are compact but their magnifying abilities are impressive. They are commonly used by high school students and enthusiasts who want to observe the specimen on the go.

Electron microscope

The electron microscope allows the scientists to observe the specimen at nanometer size. It is a popular choice for those who wish to carry out semiconductor production and analysis. The price of the electron microscopes in Pakistan is a bit high as compared to their old counterparts because they are equipped with the latest nanotechnology.

If microscopy intrigues you, buy your desired type from a wide range of microscopes on Tejar.pk now and unleash the secrets of the microworld.