Soundcore Sleep A10 Noise Blocking Sleep Wireless Earbuds Price in Pakistan

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Model: A6610Z21


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  • 4-Point Noise Masking System Blocks Out up to 35dB of Noise.
  • Comfortable, Even for Side Sleepers
  • Enjoy Unlimited Audio via Bluetooth
  • Dynamic Drivers for Sleep-Inducing Sound
  • Manage Your Sleep Health with Sleep Monitoring and Personal Alarm Clock

soundcore's 4-Point Noise Masking System

Passive Noise Blocking for True Quiet

Keep disruptive noises at bay for better sleep. Ear wings and Twin Seal ear tips create a secure seal for superior passive noise cancelling that blocks up to 35dB of noise—that's 15dB more than other sleep earbuds.

soundcore's 4-Point Noise Masking System

Noise Masking Covers Changing Noise Levels

Sleep A10 uses soothing sleep sounds to mask disruptive noises and an adaptive noise masking algorithm to track and automatically adjust the audio volume to ensure your surroundings don't disturb you.

Built-In Sleep Sounds and Bluetooth

Enjoy Virtually Unlimited Audio

Use the soundcore app to access a wide range of soothing sleep sounds. Alternatively, connect Sleep A10 to other devices to listen to relaxation apps, audiobooks, and more, for a virtually unlimited selection.

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  • Soundcore Sleep A10 Noise Blocking Sleep Wireless Earbuds