Seagate Business Storage 4-Bay Rackmount NAS - 12TB Price in Pakistan

By: Seagate

Model: STDN12000100


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Availability: Out of stock

  • Centralized storage and back up for PCs, plus Time Machine support for Mac computers
  • A dual-core Intel Atom processor and new, performance-optimized Seagate NAS OS 4.2 delivers file transfer speeds up to 200MB/s
  • Sdrive remote access for seamless, secure collaboration and anywhere access from your PC, Mac or mobile device
  • Hot-swappable drives and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports help increase uptime and simplify upgrades and maintenance
  • Built-in support for iSCSI enables maximum performance and compatibility for virtualized environments
  • Seagate Business Storage 4-bay Rackmount NAS
  • Seagate NAS HDDs (except diskless model)
  • AC power cord
  • Seagate USB key with NAS OS
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An Effortless and Intuitive OS

Built in-house by Seagate, NAS OS 4.2 delivers business-focused features in an intuitive, easy-to-use web-based interface, simplifying setup and management. NAS OS 4.2 is tuned specifically for our range of NAS servers to deliver optimal performance, reliability and efficiency.

Works At The Pace Of Your Business

Powered by the new performance-optimized Seagate NAS OS 4.2 and featuring a 2.13GHz dual-core Intel Atom processor coupled with 2GB of RAM, the 4-bay Rackmount NAS delivers impressive file transfer performance of up to 200MB/s*. Plus, built-in support for iSCSI enables maximum performance and delivers additional storage for virtualized appliances on a given network.

Your Own Private Cloud

The Seagate Sdrive™ is the easiest, most intuitive way to connect to your 4-Bay Rackmount NAS if you’re away from the office and need to look for or grab a file. From any desktop or laptop, access your 4-Bay Rackmount NAS by clicking the Sdrive icon (from Computer or Finder). Go ahead and drag-and-drop files, or search for that particular file and open it directly with its native application. From your smartphone or tablet, you can securely and easily access your files from the Seagate MyNAS as well.

Unleash Your Hybrid Cloud

Turn your private cloud into a powerful hybrid cloud with cloud backup and sync services. With cloud backup and sync services you get the performance of on-premise storage and the flexibility of the public cloud. Upload a file to the NAS and your colleague can see it through Dropbox or Google Drive. Streamline your business with the services you already know and use.

NAS Optimized Drives

The 4-bay Rackmount NAS includes Seagate NAS HDD drives featuring NASWorks™ technology, which supports customized error recovery controls, power management and vibration tolerance for optimal performance and reliability. Adapting to the needs of small business NAS systems, Seagate® NAS HDDs provide the best-performing, highest-capacity storage for 1- to 5-bay NAS systems.

No Time For Downtime

SimplyRAID technology automatically manages installed drives to give you the optimal blend of capacity and redundancy. The 4-bay Rackmount NAS is equipped with hot-swappable drive bays and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports to help increase uptime and keep your business running smoothly.

The 4-bay Rackmount NAS features a short depth chassis, allowing it to be installed in a shallow rack. This saves valuable floor space, making it the ideal storage solution for growing small businesses.

Power up your Virtualization

Virtualization helps businesses of all sizes reduce IT complexity, improve reliability and gain efficiency. The Seagate 4-bay Rackmount NAS lowers the barrier of network storage cost for virtualization implementation. The 4-bay rackmount NAS is VMware Ready certified, so you can rest assured that your storage is optimized for VMware Virtualization environments

In the Box

  • Seagate Business Storage 4-Bay Rackmount NAS
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power cord
  • USB key with system recovery software, Seagate Network Assistant, Internet links to documentation
  • Quick start guide