SanDisk Ultra II SSD - 480GB Price in Pakistan

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  • Everything you do on your computer - faster
  • Performance means more than just speed
  • Huge storage capacity, built in
  • Runs cool and quiet
  • Always know what's going on
  • Sequential Read 550MB/s; Sequential Write 500MB/s
  • SanDisk's nCache 2.0 technology delivers enhanced speed and endurance

Fast Boot-Up, Fast Loading, Fast Transfer

Thanks to the innovations in our nCacheTM 2.0 technology, SanDisk Ultra II SSD literally does every task faster than a typical hard disk drive. What used to take minutes happens in just a few seconds. On a whole range of important metrics, SanDisk Ultra II SSD performs up to 28 times2 better than the hard disk drive you’re using now.

Huge Storage Capacity, Built In

You keep lots of music, photos and videos on your PC. You also use it for socializing, shopping, banking, email and your online classes. With SanDisk Ultra II SSD, you can add enough capacity for everything you do on your computer, up to a monster 960GB1, and still have room to spare.

Cool and Quiet

A laptop shouldn’t be a lap warmer. Battery lasts longer on a single charge2, and with no moving parts inside, your PC will run cool and quiet.

Always Know What’s Happening

With our SanDisk SSD Dashboard, you always have visibility into how your drive’s performing, what firmware updates are available, and what you can do to maintain peak performance. Additional third-party software features include

Cloning software to create an exact replica of an old drive onto the new SanDisk Ultra II SSD in three easy steps with Apricorn’s EZ GIG IV

Antivirus protection for what consumers do most online-email, socialize, and browse- with Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+

Security service for reliably locating and returning stolen devices by Absolute LoJack, the leader in data protection and theft recovery

In the Box

  • SanDisk Ultra II SSD