Roadie 3 Next Generation Automatic Tuner Price in Pakistan

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Model: 3 Next Generation Automatic


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  • String Gauge: Up to 75
  • Detection range: 43.65 Hz to 668.84 Hz
  • Setup and connectivity: Easy sync via Bluetooth with our free iOS and Android application
  • 2x faster with a rotation speed of 120 RPM
  • Better noise immunity and higher tuning accuracy using next-generation vibration detection
  • 100+ built-in tunings and enough space to save all your custom tunings
  • Smaller, pocket-sized ergonomic shape for a more comfortable grip
  • Beep/vibration metronome
  • Larger, full color LCD display screen with twice the resolution
  • Front-facing screen, always visible while tuning
  • Improved peg connector design to fit even more instruments
  • Change strings and tune in one single continuous step with a winding motor 2x faster
  • Dynamic frequency display while tuning
  • Extended battery life that can tune more than 150 strings on a single charge. USB-C rechargeable.
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Ready to MeetThe Future of Tuning?

3 years ago we released Roadie 2 & Roadie Bass and these products received a lot of love from our buyers and tryers. This year we are launching Roadie 3. Don't miss out on the chance to be among the first to try it out.

Accuracy MeetsSpeed

Roadie 3 helps you find your sound fast. Quicker rotation, next- generation vibration detection and enhanced accuracy keep your tunings dead-on, every time.

One Tuner For All YourInstruments

Roadie 3 can tune any string instrument with a guitar machine head in just seconds. This includes electric, acoustic, classical and steel guitars, ukuleles, banjos, mandolins, and more.

Features and Benefits

Roadie 3 will help you save time, explore more music and truly enjoy tuning your instrument. Your musical world is full of possibilities. Bring your Roadie and play on.

Explore Alternate Tunings Easily

Quickly switch into any tuning with Roadie 3's redesigned navigation and favorite buttons. Roadie 3 comes with 100+ built-in tunings and the possibility to create your own custom tunings.

Tune Almost Anything With Geared Pegs

Roadie 3 can tune almost any string instrument with a guitar machine head in just seconds, except for bass guitars. This includes electric, acoustic, classical and steel guitars, ukuleles, banjos, mandolins, and more. If you play the bass guitar, then Roadie Bass is for you.

Enhanced Noise Immunity and Improved Accuracy

Next-generation vibration detection gives Roadie 3 unsurpassed noise immunity and accuracy when tuning, even in loud places.

Vibrating Metronome Mode

Keep a tight rhythm. Turn-on vibrating metronome mode, set your tempo, and feel the beat.

Restring and Tune in One Step

String changes are a little less tedious now. Roadie 3 will wind your new string to tension then tune it up, all in one smooth step.

Full Color High Resolution Screen

See your options clearly and make quick selections on Roadie 3's RGB LED screen. It has a 135 x 240 pixel matrix and displays animations beautifully.

Compact and Ergonomic New Design

Roadie now sports a compact new design that fits comfortably in your hand, pocket or kit bag.

In the Box

  • Roadie 3 Next Generation Automatic Tuner
  • USB C-Type charging
  • cable
  • quick start guide