Soundbars products Price in Pakistan

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Upgrade your home entertainment system with soundbar

The rising demand of advanced speaker systems is the reason behind the popularity of soundbars. Just a few years ago, people solely relied on built-in TV speakers and had no way of improving the audio. However, we have come a long way since then – far from the troubling wires and cable assembly.

Indulge in a cinema-like audio experience with soundbars. The aesthetic design is slim and takes less space than a surround sound system. The soundbars replace the television’s built-in speakers and are usually placed underneath it.

Unlike a surround sound system whose units are housed separately, with cables trailing back to the television, a soundbar includes a single cable.

Why are soundbars getting popular in Pakistan?

Soundbars are becoming popular in Pakistan due to the price factor. The soundbar price in Pakistan showcases that it is the middle ground between expensive and low-priced speakers for home entertainment setups.

The immersive audio device has corresponding channels; for surround left, right and center alongside the front one. Typically, the buyers go for a soundbar with 5 channels. However, you can go for a 7-channel soundbar for a slight boost. For instance, the 7-channel model by Dolby Atmos incorporates forward-firing speakers which provide a three-dimensional audio effect.

Moreover, you would be amazed to know that the sound bounces up to 11 feet in a room with flat ceilings.

Buying a soundbar in Pakistan – What to look for?

Make a quick buying decision by looking out for the following features:

Dolby Atmos Technology

The Dolby Atmos technology entails up-firing speakers with an object-tracking system. That means, you can hear the sound from all corners due to the multi-directional design. The realistic surround sound will definitely begin your movie night in full swing.

Voice control

You get to explore additional features if your soundbar is integrated with a smart assistant like Alexa. You can hear the world news, set reminders and even plan your schedule for the day.

Bluetooth music

The soundbars can be as great for mobiles as your television. Just link your mobile phone to the soundbar if you ever feel like switching from Netflix to Spotify.

Get your hands on a soundbar for your home entertainment setup now and enjoy the realistic surround sound with your friends and family.