LG HOM-BOT Turbo+ Robotic Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Vacuum - CR3365RD

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Model: CR3365RD


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  • SmartThinQ Technology
  • Dual Eye 2.0
  • Cleaning Diary
  • Schedule Cleaning
  • Magnetic Wall
  • 6 Smart Cleaning Modes
  • SmartThinQ: Yes
  • wi-fi Enabled: Yes
  • BATTERY / CHARGER / ENERGY: Type: Lithium, Capacity: 14.4V / 2330mAh, Consumption Power: 58W, Rating Electrocity: 17.1V /1.7A/30W
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Running time: approx. 100min (based on general wooden floor), Charging time: 3hr, Cleaning Extent m2 (without recharging): 150m2, Upper Camera: CV SLAM: Lower Camera: OFS
  • CLEANING MODE: Number of Cleaning Mode: 6, Zigzag: Yes, Cell by Cell: Yes, Spot (Spiral): Yes, Turbo: Yes, Smart Turbo: Yes, Repeat: Yes
  • SMART FUNCTION: Remote Control: Yes (Android/iOS App Only), Cleaning Diary: Yes, SmartDiagnosis: Yes, Schedule Cleaning: Yes
  • SmartThinQ SMART FEATURES: wi-fi Enabled: Yes, Voice Activation: Yes, Works with: Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, Remote Start On/Off: Yes, Return to Charging Station: Yes, Check Status – Battery, Cleaning Mode: Yes, Scheduling and Check History: Yes
  • NOISE LEVEL(IEC): IEC (Normal): 60dB, IEC (Turbo): 68dB
  • NAVIGATION: System: Robonavi10.0, Method: Absolute / SLAM / Smart Resume, Localization Sensors: Vision / Gyro / OFS, Learning Function: Yes, Smart Resume: Yes, Button Lock: Yes
  • CLEANING PERFORMANCE: Corner (10cm*10cm): 94%, Pet Hair Pick up: 90%, Edge (1m*1m): 93%, Hard Floor: 90%, Carpet: 40%, Big Dust: 98%, Dust Bin Capacity: 0.6L
  • USER INTERFACE: Display: LED Module, Button: Touch
  • OBSTACLE SENSORS / DETECTION: OFS (Lower Camera): Yes, Gyro: Yes, USS (Ultrasonic Sensor): 1T / 2R (2-Pair), PSD (Position Senstive Detector) Qty: 2, Cliff (Qty): 3, Accelometer Sensor: Yes, Barrier Sensing Ability: 10mm & up, Carpet (Cil) Overcome Height: 1.5cm
  • VOICE ALERT: Guide: Yes, Speaking Sentence: 106, Voice Guide Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Mute: Yes, Power Saving Function: Yes
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The Smarter, Quietest Clean.

LG Hom-Bot is a truly intelligent robotic vacuum with wi-fi capabilities, giving users total control using a smartphone. And while Hom-Bot’s cleaning technology makes people take notice, thanks to an innovative design that absorbs vibrations and reduces noise, it’s the quietest robot vacuum on the market on non-carpeted floors.*

Think she'll see your dirty floor? Think Again.

LG Hom-Bot vacuums come equipped with SmartThinQ technology, so you can control them using an app on your smartphone, or using voice commands with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Now you can start and stop cleaning, check the status of a cleaning cycle and be ready for any last-minute guests with the push of a button.

A Clean Report

The Cleaning Diary on the Hom-Bot Square Robotic wi-fi Enabled Vacuum logs activity so it’s easy to find out which areas have and haven’t been cleaned in an instant.

Hom-Bot Square: "The iPad of Vacuums"

With smart mapping skills and effortless cleaning, LG Home-Bot earned a rave review from Forbes, who called it "the best vacuum cleaner I've ever owned."

Revolutionary Dual Eye 2.0 Mapping System

With cameras mounted on the top and bottom, Hom-Bot maps the area around your home as it cleans to help ensure it doesn't miss a spot.

Collision-Safe Digital Bumper

The Hom-Bot learns where to go and identifies objects it needs to avoid, so less bumping into furniture and household items.

Longer Side Brushes

HOM-BOT SQUARE thoroughly cleans corners with its longer little over 1/2 inch side brushes

Smarter Corner Cleaning

HOM-BOT SQUARE design has side brushes placed closer toward the front for enhanced performance

Easy-out Dust Bin

When the dust bin is full, removing it and putting it back is tidy and quick, so the LG Hom-Bot can get back to business in no time.

Smart Resume Function

If cleaning is interrupted or if the Hom-Bot is moved to a new area, its Auto-Resume allows it to continue cleaning where it left off.

Your vacuum just got a lot smarter

With a new square design, Dual Eye 2.0 Mapping System and 6 Smart CleanModes, LG Hom-Bot Square is the latest advancement in automated home vacuuming.

In the Box

  • LG HOM-BOT Turbo+ Robotic Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Vacuum - CR3365RD
  • Carpet Brush
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 2 x Side Brush
  • Micro Filter
  • Cleaning Tool