Kingston SSDNow E50 Drive - 100GB Price in Pakistan

By: Kingston

Model: SE50S37/100G


Availability: Out of stock New

Availability: Out of stock

  • Performance - higher IOPS for multi-user environments
  • Endurance - Data Integrity protection featuring DuraClass Technology
  • Dependable - RAISE for advanced data reliability
  • Durable - DuraWrite optimises writes to extend endurance
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Increase IOPs without sacrificing data integrity.Kingston’s SSDNow E50 features high IOPs and bandwidth performance to solve I/O latencies and bottlenecks and increase your server’s performance. E50’s 6Gbps SATA interface provides max bandwidth over 500MB/s read/write. This drive is built with MLC Sync NAND and is rated at 60,000 read/write IOPS versus an average IOPS rating of 300 for a 15K SAS HDD.

E50’s advanced data integrity protection gives you peace of mind by ensuring a longer life for your data and your drive. DuraWrite extends the life of the SSD by efficiently reducing the Flash writes without sacrificing data integrity. RAISE technology provides superior protection against uncorrectable errors, while overprovisioning and advanced wear-levelling ensure consistent performance and wear over the life of the drive.

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