Kingston SSDNow E50 Drive

By: Kingston


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  • Performance – higher IOPS for multi-user environments
  • Endurance – Data Integrity protection featuring DuraClass™ Technology
  • Dependable – RAISE for advanced data reliability
  • Durable – DuraWrite™ optimises writes to extend endurance
  • Warranty/support – three-year warranty with free technical support
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Increase IOPs without sacrificing data integrity.Kingston’s SSDNow E50 features high IOPs and bandwidth performance to solve I/O latencies and bottlenecks and increase your server’s performance. E50’s 6Gbps SATA interface provides max bandwidth over 500MB/s read/write. This drive is built with MLC Sync NAND and is rated at 60,000 read/write IOPS versus an average IOPS rating of 300 for a 15K SAS HDD.

E50’s advanced data integrity protection gives you peace of mind by ensuring a longer life for your data and your drive. DuraWrite™ extends the life of the SSD by efficiently reducing the Flash writes without sacrificing data integrity. RAISE™ technology provides superior protection against uncorrectable errors, while overprovisioning and advanced wear-levelling ensure consistent performance and wear over the life of the drive.

SSDNow E50 also features intelligent power failure protection to prevent data loss in case of a power failure. It’s backed by a three-year warranty, free technical support and legendary Kingston® reliability.