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Use robot mops for deep house cleaning

Imagine if you had a device to mop the floors without requiring the messy buckets of water? Say goodbye to back-breaking cleaning with mopping robot cleaner. Very similar to robot vacuum cleaners, they are a great addition to your cleaning arsenal. They deep clean every nook and corner of your house without any hassle.

Just fill the tank with water, set the automatic mopping cleaner on the floor, start the button, and voila! The most despising household chore is done without the back-bending labor.

The mopping robot cleaners eliminate the need to use traditional handheld vacuums or stick mops. However, the leaders in the cleaning arsenal market are still experimenting with new technologies to introduce better variants of the robot mops.

Here are the top picks for our tech-savvy customers wanting a one-size-fits-all cleaning solution:

Braava jet M6 mop by iRobot

Looking for a smart device to replace your canister vacuums and clean multiple areas of your home? Take a look at Braava jet M6 mopping robot cleaner. It equips two types of dry and wet sweeping pads – reusable and disposable. It has a nozzle through which it dispenses warm water to moisten up the gunk and grime before cleaning it with wet pads.

The electrostatic dry sweeping pads pick up the dust bunnies, debris, and pet dander. The smart mapping technology knows not to dispense water when the dry pads are in place. You can schedule the cleaning routines or select which rooms to clean using the smart application.

The intuitive square design allows the Braava M6 to clean along the baseboard and deep into the room corners. The device is capable of cleaning 1000 square feet of space on a single charge.

Braava jet 240 mop by iRobot

The budget-friendly alternative of M6 mopping robot cleaner is ideal for small spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. Only 3.5 in height and 7 inches in width, this cleaning robot can easily maneuver under toilets and under cabinets. You can use the dry pads for picking up hair, pet dander, dust, and switch on the wet mopping feature for deep cleaning.

You can either use washable or disposable pads to mop the floors. After it is done mopping, just press the button to release the used disposable pads into the trash can. No hassle as you usually face with vacuum filters and bags.

The bump navigation system in the device allows it to maneuver around pedestals, chair legs, and toilets. Just connect it to the iRobot app and adjust everything – from the volume of water spray to the virtual boundaries for the robot cleaner.

The robot mops are definitely worth the hype for people who want their floors cleaned without devoting too much energy and time.