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How to use all the vacuum cleaner accessories included in the box?

Your vacuum cleaner is not just a machine – it is a cleaning powerhouse that can complete half of your routine cleaning job. You don’t need a whole cabinet full of vacuum cleaner accessories. Using the right tools can help you clean any surface, whether you own a canister vacuum cleaner or a robot mop.

Pick dirt off everything – from the hanging curtains to mattresses with less effort and elbow grease. Most of the stick vacuum cleaners come with standard tools, such as an extension ward to clean most of the debris and dirt on the surface.

Other than the basic attachments, you can pick the right vacuum cleaner accessories for your cleaning powerhouse to reach the smaller nooks of your house. Buy the following tools from for spot-less cleaning:

Extension wand

The extension wands give extra inches to your hose so you can reach the fan blades, door frames, and light fixtures. The main purpose of this tool is to keep your arms close to the body while cleaning. Hence, preventing pre-cleaning fatigue and strain.

Crevice cleaner

The crevice tool is attached on the vacuum cleaners to grab dirt from tight spots, like under the washer or from baseboard edges. If you have dust accumulated on window panels or cobwebs in the corners, you can use the crevice cleaner to clear the debris.

Dust brush

The dusting brush has bristles surrounding the opening to dislodge the dust particles from the surfaces like window treatments, lamps, and baseboards without scratching.

Upholstery tool

As the name suggests, you can have a prejudice that this tool is specifically designed for cleaning upholstery. With this tool, you would be able to clean any material, including vinyl and leather. It has a compact flathead for powerful suction.

Carpet cleaning tool

It is one of the important vacuum accessories if you want to clean high-end rugs and big carpets. You can also use the carpet tool to clean fancy, shaggy, and loopy rugs.

When buying a vacuum cleaner online, ensure that it has all the above-mentioned tools for efficient cleaning. If some of the vacuum cleaner accessories are not included in the box, you can browse a wide range of tools available at and complete your cleaning arsenal.