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Should you get cordless or stick vacuum cleaner?

Vacuums are cleaning appliances that your house must have to remove all the debris, pet dander, and dust carpets. But when it comes to choosing the type, which one should you buy– a stick vacuum cleaner or a handheld cordless vacuum cleaner?

What should you know about Dyson stick vacuum cleaners?

The overall design of the stick cleaner is what makes it different from a canister vacuum cleaner. Dyson dominates the market of stick vacuum cleaners more than the upright vacuum cleaners. For instance, the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute is an impressive performer. The larger bin capacity of the Dyson V11 makes it a preferable choice for homeowners who don’t want to go for heavy vacuum bags and belts.

The company spends a great deal of money and time in developing compact motors and implementing them in stick and handheld vacuum cleaners for best performance. The small motor technology is why Dyson is the top choice for tough cleaning jobs.

Here are the vital features to look at when making a purchase from Tejar.pk:

Running and charging time

Look for a stick vacuum cleaner that does not take too long to charge and complete the cleaning task in a single go. Even the best handheld cordless vacuum cleaners take about 3 to 4 hours to charge and clean for 13 to 15 minutes on average. If you have a spacious home, go to our vacuum accessories page and add a spare battery to your cart for more convenience.


When buying a vacuum cleaner of your choice, ensure that it maneuvers over both, hard surfaces and carpets. If the weight of the model is above 4 kilograms, you might have a problem lifting it up for cleaning walls, carpets, and draperies.

Filters and floor heads

Make sure you choose HEPA filtration in traditional as well as robot vacuum cleaners, especially if you have asthma or allergies. The high-end stick vacuum cleaners have the ability to adjust suction according to the surface.

2-in-1 operation

The latest models can be used as stick and handheld vacuum cleaners, both. Just release the torso of the stick vacuum and you’d have a handheld cordless model to suck the dirt off curtains, and blinds. The variable suction allows you to suck pet dander off upholstery and soft fabrics.

All types of vacuum cleaners have a range of vital features. If you prefer going cordless, go for handheld vacuum cleaners. If you want to clean dirt from all nooks and crannies, stick to upright vacuum cleaners.