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Pick the right dirt bags for your vacuum cleaner

With so many types of vacuum storage bags in the market, it is no wonder why many homeowners get overwhelmed when buying them online. The right type of dirt bags helps you accumulate more dirt off the surfaces, especially if you buy them in accordance with the make of your vacuum cleaner. You’d find two types of vacuum cleaner dirt bags – reusable and disposable.

Whether you use a canister vacuum cleaner or its automatic counterpart, reusable dirt bags would help you to keep the costs a minimum. However, replacing disposable dirt bags is quick and easy. Many robot vacuum cleaners now come with an automatic seal feature that prevents dirt from escaping the bag.

The vacuum pack bags are made with different types of mesh, cloth, and paper. However, high-end brands make fiber dirt bags to achieve a good level of filtration. You’d also find HEPA filters for handheld vacuum cleaners to capture 99.97% of large particles at

What type of vacuum storage bags should you buy from

Have you ever been confused with the letter printed on vacuum storage bags? If yes, don’t worry as is here to educate so you can buy the right type of dirt bags from our website.

The types F, J, and K are used for cylinder models while the type U is used for canister vacuum cleaners. Similarly, the types C, D, and E are designed for upright vacuum cleaners while type G is specific to handheld models only.

At best, using the wrong type of dirt bag will reduce the vac’s efficiency to pick up dirt off the floor. At worst, it would permanently damage your vacuum cleaner. It is best to use branded reusable or disposable ones as using low-end cleaner bags could potentially void your vacuum’s warranty. Always read instructions from your vacuum cleaner’s manual before buying the dirt bags online.

A lot of vacuum bags are designed with features that indicate when you need to change them. For instance, a fill line or a switch light gives enough indication to the user when it is finally time to change the dirt bag. It is best to change it before the bag reaches its maximum capacity. It will not only improve the vac’s performance but will also not force the machine to boost airflow during the cleaning routine. is a nationwide supplier of premier vacuum accessories as well as cleaning machines of various makes and models for a hassle-free routine.