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Laser distance measuring tools for home and industrial applications

Distance measurement devices with laser technology have been in the market for many years now. The laser measuring tools work on the principle of the beam’s reflection. To measure short or long distances, the laser distance meters emit a pulse and the user points it in the direction of the distant object. The time it takes for the beam to hit the object and reflect back determines the distance. These devices can also measure the volume and surface areas by accumulating the distances independently.

The predecessors of laser measuring tools are ultrasound meters, which worked on the principle of sound waves. They became obsolete because they were not precise and did not target the starting point/object.

Laser measuring tools – Better than traditional measuring tapes

A traditional measuring tape is only handy when you need to measure short distances. The majority of people use them whenever they need to simulate the area physically. This is the main reason why you’d find it among other measurement equipment for construction workers and bricklayers.

On the contrary, laser distance meters offer many advantages to professionals as well as laymen. The ability to measure distance all by yourself, the immediacy of distance measurement, and, the ease of use, are some of the benefits that traditional measurement tapes do not offer to the operators.

The tools, such as environment meters, and distance sensors are quite substantial for the safety of the construction workers. The laser distance meters available at have the ability to reach inaccessible points. Thus, eliminating the need to climb balconies or go at dangerous structures.

Characteristics to consider when buying a laser distance meter from

A laser measuring tool works best if you consider the usage, purpose, and circumstances. If the precise measurement is all you ask for, we suggest buying a device with a continuous display function and minimum value indication. The minimum value feature ensures that the measurement is perpendicular to the object and accurate to the last decimal point.

If your work involves measuring large distances outdoors, you should get a long-range laser measuring tool that gives a coverage of up to 60m. The digital inclinometer with an increased light output is useful when calculating distance on elevated slopes. You can also find a model with a camera and rangefinder at

Laser distance meters are easier to use and avoid inaccuracies as we usually face while using traditional measuring tapes. They reach hard-to-reach places, such as high ceilings, and ensure the protection of construction workers.