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Buy multifunctional environmental and light meters from Tejar.pk

Many film cameras have built-in lighting systems but only an experienced and professional photographer knows the importance of light meters. It is one of the important pieces of equipment in a photographer’s kit. It measures the exact amount of exposure and light falling on the object. Converting the reflective light measurements, it defines the best shutter speed and other camera adjustments for perfect shots.

The multifunction environment light meter is beneficial in settings where the subject lighting is rather difficult to adjust. The meters incorporated with advanced technology are able to measure flash light as well.

The film cameras have a built-in exposure meter that measures the average light of the overall scene. In general, a built-in exposure system in the camera is enough but if you are dealing with a complicated subject in high contrast areas, it is not enough. To avoid under-compensation of light exposure and automatic adjustment, buy a high-end light meter from Tejar.pk and make your job easy.

Get accurate reflective readings from multifunctional light meters

The reflective readings by a light meter are accurate in all environments. Technically, a light meter measures the light that is reflected back from the subject. That being said, if the meter is pointed at dark areas, you can identify the exposure problems and adjust your camera settings accordingly. It is one of the most reliable measurement devices for photographers shooting in dark settings.

Take incident light readings accurately

The photographers can overcome the under-compensation of light exposure by measuring the incident readings via a multifunctional meter. As these meters do not take the reflective qualities of the subject into consideration, you won’t face any overcompensation problems as well.

Is a hand-held light meter the right choice for you?

A hand-held light meter is capable of measuring reflective as well as ambient light. Your film camera has a photocell that has the same function. However, the ISO settings are difficult to adjust and the readings you get are not always accurate.

How do you use a hand-held light meter?

You’ve bought the light meter from Tejar.pk, Great! Now, how do you use it? Upon holding the light meter, you will find two attachments: a half-sphere and a flat disc. The hemisphere measures the incidental light while the flat disc measures the reflective light.

Measure the reflected light by slipping the disc on and pointing the meter towards the subject. To measure the incidental light, just slip the hemisphere and direct the metering cell towards the object.

Regardless of the brand you choose, a light meter gives accurate readings to fit your creative, photographic vision. To achieve great exposure control, add a multifunctional light meter to your kit now!