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Voltage tester – A must-have accessory to include in your toolbox

If you are a hobbyist who likes to undertake projects and build electronic kits at home, then there are some tool accessories you must have, at all costs. A high-end screwdriver, pliers, and wire strippers can help you complete pro-level projects. However, a voltage tester will keep you safe from electrical shocks and speed up your workflow during a project.

What is a voltage tester and why do you need one?

The quickest and safest way to check if the current is flowing through a wire is with a voltage tester. All the contact and non-contact voltage testers are very easy to use. Just hold it near the wires and see if the indicator beeps. The indicator can be in the form of an LED or an alarm.

According to professional technicians, voltage testers are real-time-savers and prevent you from dangerous shocks. With a multitude of voltage testers in Pakistan, the buyers often get confused with the prices and features. Tejar.pk can steer you towards the best voltage tester for your needs.

Purchase a voltage tester with the best features from Tejar.pk

When choosing a voltage tester at Tejar.pk, look for the following features:


The basic designs we have in the market are multimeters, pen testers, and outlet voltage devices. The pen voltage testers have the shape and thickness of a marker. To test the voltage, one has to keep the tip inside the electrical outlet.

The outlet voltage testers are about the size of a plug. They work only if connected to the electrical outlet directly. These voltage testers check the polarity to identify the live current. One disadvantage of outlet testers is that you can’t use them to find voltage presence outside the electrical sockets.

Tejar.pk has a wide variety of multimeters – a bit larger than outlet and pen voltage testers but the best of both worlds. The multimeters come with hooks and groves to detect the voltage surrounding the circuit. Moreover, they entail leading to the testing of electrical contacts like terminals or sockets.


A typical voltage tester is only capable of detecting altering current. However, this does not mean the voltage testers at Tejar.pk are one-trick ponies. Some models are also packed with built-in features like infrared thermometers, measuring lasers, and flashlights for a user’s convenience.


If you want durability, choose a voltage tester from trusted leaders in the industry like Schneider, Flir, and Aeotec. These manufacturers specialize in creating sturdy and durable voltage testers, decade boxes, and stabilizers that have significant advantages over other tools in the market.

Now that you know all about picking the best voltage tester, you are ready to shop at Tejar.pk. You’d find the best products from trusted manufacturers on our website.