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Try using solar-powered chargers for added benefits and features

If harnessed properly, the sun is the best source of renewable energy. The majority of young people start panicking as they get farther from the power socket, especially if their smartphones aren’t fully charged. We all know that a smartphone’s battery does not last for 24 hours. That is why, it is essential to pack extra juice in the form of power banks and chargers, especially if you are traveling or going camping.

If you are shifting to solar technology and relying on sustainable energy lately, has some amazing accessories you can buy to go green.

Solar-powered battery chargers for smartphones - Why should you switch to solar-powered battery chargers?

A great alternative to conventional battery chargers, these power bank solar chargers provide a plethora of benefits, such as:


As the main source of energy is the sun, you save electricity and its corresponding usage costs. Moreover, you save money on maintenance costs as well as rechargeable batteries.

Readily available

The solar-powered battery chargers are readily available, even if there’s a supply cut-off. If you are in a remote location, such as on isolated islands or rugged mountains, you could always charge the solar power banks to juice up your smartphone.

Durability and portability

Whether you are out in the wilderness or camping with your friends, you can take the solar power banks anywhere to keep your phone battery from dying. Moreover, they are efficient in cold climates and some models even entail waterproof housing to withstand harsh conditions.


Most of the power bank solar chargers in Pakistan have an internal battery, just like a UPS, and are capable of storing energy to charge your phone in emergencies. You are not just paying the price for its features but the convenience it provides as well. Even if you get no opportunity to use the light, you can use the stored energy to charge your smartphone.

The solar battery chargers are portable, convenient, and encourage you to promote a greener world. has integrated, miniature, and compact solar-powered chargers for all individuals creating a positive environmental impact.