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Buy necessary safeguard for your electrical appliances – Voltage stabilizers from

Voltage fluctuation is a common occurrence in Pakistan. It damages your home’s electrical appliances and even leaves them irreparable if a high voltage spike occurs suddenly. One way to prevent your valuable electrical equipment from damaging is to get the right kind of stabilizer for your home.

The stabilizers prevent the voltage fluctuations in your electrical appliances and act as a safety device to increase the lifespan of your household equipment, like television, air conditioner, refrigerator, etc. They are quite efficient as compared to energy monitors and do not need frequent configurations. Just connect it to your electrical appliance and your job is done.

Buy high-end voltage stabilizers for your electrical appliances at home

A voltage stabilizer acts as a safety mechanism to deliver constant voltage to all the electrical appliances, and electronics at your home. The main function of a stabilizer is to regulate the spikes in voltage and deliver standard input power to the electrical appliances. The extended periods of voltage spikes can cause permanent damage to an appliance’s insulation and reduce its lifespan. Even the Undervoltage spikes can harm the appliance and have adverse effects on the hamper performance.

A typical voltage stabilizer has three components – a high-power electromagnetic relay, a built-In transformer, and a circuit board. The relay is used with the built-in transformer by the circuit board to regulate the voltage surges. It works on boost and buck operation for reducing and increasing the voltage levels to provide steady input power to the electrical appliances.

The features, price, and energy limits of a stabilizer in Pakistan are generally classified by the type of electrical appliance it will be used with. A high VA-rated stabilizer is used for heavy-duty electrical appliances such as washing machines and air conditioners. Whereas, a low VA-rated stabilizer is used for computer systems, home theatres, televisions, etc.

Which type of voltage stabilizer should you buy for electrical appliances?

Before choosing the stabilizer from, do not forget to check the wattage requirements of the electrical appliances. You can either refer to the user’s manual or check at the back of the power socket for the wattage requirement.

Here are some features to overview when buying a voltage stabilizer:

Time delay

If your area experiences short-duration power outages, then you should look for the time delay feature. The stabilizer delays the supply so that the compressor of the refrigerator or the air conditioner has adequate time to adjust the current flow.


The majority of stabilizers have indicators to show the voltage status as well as the input power. The newer models entail LEDs to show real-time input and output voltage levels.

Digitized voltage stabilizers

The digitized voltage stabilizers have the ability to adapt to different electrical appliances. All you have to do is shift the stabilizer and wait for it to show accurate voltage levels.

The voltage stabilizers are often compact but useful devices to prevent your electrical appliances from harmful voltage fluctuations. If you are finding a digitized voltage stabilizer online, has a wide range of single-phase and three-phase stabilizers that will safeguard your electrical appliances at home.