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Best tool kits for hobbyists

A tool kit is every technician’s companion to take on any repair job. You can use hard-won technical skills to deliver safe and reliable solutions to your clients. If you have been certified as a technician and looking for electronics kits for beginners, you have landed at the right place. Tejar.pk has an extensive range of electronics kits with all the necessary tools, such as wire strippers, voltage testers, borescopes, etc.

If you are looking for a handy tool kit, make sure it has the following electronics accessories:

Wire strippers

The plier-like tools that remove the outer sheath of the wires and cables are basically wire strippers. With a wire stripper, you can easily attach the connectors or the terminals to the supply or the core through soldering or crimping. If you want to cut right through conduit or copper, we have high-end wire strippers in the listed electronics kits for beginners, professional technicians, and hobbyists.


One of the most traditional electronic tools out there – A screwdriver to access all types of electrical containers. Tejar.pk has screwdrivers available in multiple shapes and sizes so you can work with various screw designs.

Cable cutters

Cable cutters are the staple of every hobbyist’s tool kit. These versatile tools cut through any kind of standard wiring and have sharp steel blades. If you want to cut off insulation, they perform a pretty good job of crimping.

Tejar.pk has multipurpose designs to enable diagonal slicing and flush cutting. If you have to work in settings with high electrostatic discharge or on high voltage wires, we suggest going for fully insulated cable cutters.


Spanner is an integral inclusion if you need to attach or loosen bolts and nuts. Due to a wide variety of nuts and bolts, we have different types of spanners available. The adjustable spanners at Tejar.pk have moveable jaws which can be adjusted according to the size of nuts or bolts. Similarly, we have open-ended spanners with double clamps to tighten the nuts. They are best to use when the working space is limited.

Voltage testers

The multimeters or voltage indicators are compact handheld devices to test whether a specific location has current present or not. They are used for safety when checking junction boxes, switches, cables, etc. The LED glows if the voltage is present in a specific location.

The right variety of tools in the electronics will save your money as well as time. So, do your due diligence in finding the right tool kit before paying the price. Tejar.pk has Belkin and Bare Conductive tool kits for beginners and hobbyists to work on circuits and electrical equipment.