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All about the automatic ball launcher by iFetch

iFetch is a premier brand to start the rage of automatic ball launchers in the market. You must have seen a lot of toys for cats and dogs online in Pakistan but the ball launcher by iFetch is the first of its kind. If you have a canine friend who loves playing fetch, then this automatic ball launcher is the best toy for him. Just like an automatic feeder, it makes pet parenting a lot easier.

Automatic large and small size ball launchers at

The original iFetch ball launcher comes in two sizes that are popular among dog owners. Most ball launchers in the market are designed for big dogs and have large throwers. The projectile the balls too far for the little dogs, causing the risk of potential injuries. The small size ball launcher by iFetch ensures that your small pooch enjoys the intense game of fetch without getting hurt.

iFetch automatic ball launcher covers a great distance. The launcher for large dogs throws the balls 40 feet away. However, you can configure the settings and customize the launching distance. If you are inside, you can set the launcher to a minimum distance of 10 feet.

If you look at the price of iFetch ball launcher in Pakistan, it is expensive as compared to other dog toys on the market. However, each penny is worth it, given iFetch gives you exceptional customer care and a toy warranty. Their customer care is tough to beat, especially because iFetch is a family-owned business and each model is tested by a real dog.

Moreover, the iFetch ball launcher comes with a one-year warranty. You can email or call them if you get a defective piece or face any issue with your automatic ball launcher.

But you have to consider your small dog’s safety before purchasing a ball launcher from The tennis balls are shot out forcefully, therefore, you have to supervise his plays outdoors.

Does the automatic launcher by iFetch come with balls?

The interactive ball launchers by iFetch come with three balls. The large launcher comes with balls that are 2.5 inches in diameter while the smaller one comes with tennis balls that are 1.5 inches in diameter. There’s a small carrier at the bottom of the launcher to store the tennis balls when not in use.

The ball launchers by iFetch are some of the best models in the market because of varying throwing distances and sizes. It makes a perfect toy for your pet if he loves to fetch. Just monitor your dog’s play using the pet camera and go about your day as usual.