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Buy a top-notch pet surveillance camera for your dog

Regardless of how much you love your pets, there are times when you must leave them at home. You either have to go on a field trip or at work where your canine friend can’t tag along. In the past, leaving the pet unattended was out of the question. You either had to hire a sitter or ask a family member for a favor.

But today, you have automatic feeders, pet toys, and surveillance cameras to keep your canine friend safe at home while you’re away. Smart pet surveillance cameras interact with your pet so he does not make a mess while you’re not around.

What to look for in a surveillance camera for pets? has an extensive range of wireless pet cameras to let you monitor your canine friend within proximity. Pick the best surveillance camera with the following features:

Two-way communication

If you haven’t used any pet training accessories yet, your furry friend is probably going to turn your home upside down. One way to deal with your dog is to leave work early. On the other hand, you can buy a two-way communication pet camera for your dog and guide him into behaving. Furthermore, you could also talk with the caretaker to feed your furry friend when it is time.

High video quality

The pets usually sit in the corners or hide underneath the furniture. Therefore, it is quite difficult to spot them, especially if you have a poor video quality camera. Make sure to go for 1080p resolution so the camera does not show muddy pictures.

Motion detection

Motion detection cameras are usually installed as a security measure around homes. But they can be used to identify whenever your four-legged friend is at spots where he should not be. You can then use the two-way talk feature to stop them.

Moreover, a motion detection surveillance camera helps to track the routine of your pet. It is nice to know that they’re being active rather than sitting idle in the corner.

Remote view

A wireless pet camera integrated with a smartphone application entails a remote view. It helps you to see the live video of your pet around the house. But make sure you go for a high-end video quality camera to avoid buffers.

Facial recognition

Despite being designed for humans, you can set up facial recognition for pets as well. No need to boot up the application repetitively because the camera would send push notifications of your pet’s whereabouts within the home.

All the good features in a pet surveillance camera come with a price but they’re useful in keeping track of your beloved furry friend whenever you’re away.