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Collar straps vs. harnesses: Which one is better for your pet?

Many pet owners wonder whether a strap collar or a harness is an appropriate choice for fun walks and training. The collar straps have been the mainstay of training equipment for decades. But in recent years, e-collar straps with buckles and harnesses have become increasingly popular among pet parents.

What are pet collars?

The strap collars are wrapped around your pet’s neck and have a leash attached to control your canine friend during walks. The strap collars are suitable for bigger dogs because they have strong necks. The various fastening options allow you to use it on smaller dogs as well. The e-collar straps with buckles have a GPS tracker through which you can find your lost pet instantly.

There are different types of straps in the market, such as shock collars, prong collars, martingale, and flat collars. However, prong and shock collars are two of the least preferrable accessories for pet owners, unless their dogs are on training.

What are different types of collar straps?

The most common type is the rolled collar which is wrapped around the neck using a plastic or metal buckle. If your canine friend plays roughly, you should get a break-away collar strap so he can play unsupervised at all times.

Why should you buy collar straps instead of harnesses?

As opposed to harnesses, they can be left on your dog at all times. The harness is specifically designed to take your dog to walks. Even if you choose not to leave the strap collar at all times, it is easier to take it off than a harness.

Another benefit of collar straps is that they come with a metal ring to attach your dog’s ID tag. You can either put your address or phone number in case your pet ever gets lost. Choosing between harnesses and strap collars all comes down to what benefits your pet.

Both of the pet accessories provide advantages to pet animals needing extra support, control, and training. If you have a pet with good leash manners, get him a new collar strap from so he can enjoy long walks.