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Even after the advent of technology, a simple journal has a lot of benefits over an eWriter. The wire bound notebooks are lightweight, compact, and do not need to be charged ever. You get the tactile feeling that the stylus for an eWriter has not been able to produce yet.

Maintaining your subject notebooks keeps you sharp, focused, and encourages creative thinking. You won’t have to find the app to jot down spontaneous ideas. Just grab a ballpoint pen and start writing notes.

If you want to convey to the public that you are undistracted by whim and a classy person, you have to choose the best journal notebooks quite thoughtfully. Here are some elements not to overlook when buying your subject notebooks:


A binding in any subject notebook keeps the pages together. There are various types of binding and some tend to be more convenient and easier to use. The spiral binding is common in letter-sized subject notebooks while staple or glue bindings are common in pocket-sized notebooks.

The stitched binding allows the notebook pages to lay flat. Therefore, they are best if you don’t have much space and keep other accessories, such as your scientific calculator on the desk too.

Notebook weight

Many individuals assume that the thicker a paper, the better it's quality. However, that’s not the case. If you are going to use a fountain pen to write your notes, the thick paper will cause feathering. Similarly, using wooden colored pencils will cause tearing on thin paper. has notebooks with different paper textures, or what you call, ‘tooth’, to match your preferences.

Page count

If you are not sure about the page count, you could go for a removable-sheet notepad or a spiral-bound notebook. Removing the pages from a spiral-bound notebook won’t make perforations near its spine.

Aesthetic front cover

Another choice to make is between hard and soft covers for your subject notebooks. A soft front cover allows you to turn the pages easily. On the other hand, a hardcover provides a sturdy and rigid surface to make notes easily. Whether you’re writing on the go or have kept the notebook on your lap, a hardcover will always save the moment. Moreover, a hardcover looks professional and suits well for office environments too.

The world of the best journal notebooks is a big one. But the choice comes down to your requirements, such as the page count, the tooth, and the aesthetics of the front cover. Keep it classy and minimal with the subject notebooks available at