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Practical printing calculators for accountants at

In the age of scientific calculators, eWriters, desktop calculators, and spreadsheets, you might wonder why many accountants still use adding machines. Even today, the majority of tax professionals and accountants use printing calculators for convenience, ease of use, and fast calculation.

The adding machines offer many benefits over basic calculators. For instance, you can compute a lengthy tally of digits without creating any equations or maintaining spreadsheets.

Practical benefits of using printing calculators

The price of printing calculators in Pakistan might be higher than their basic counterparts but the benefits they offer are worth each penny.

Verification and accuracy

Review and verify numbers using a high-end adding machine from Many tax professionals go back and check the math after adding and subtracting a long string of numbers. No need to double-check your math with a printing calculator. It helps you compare the entries or numbers you are working with. Furthermore, you’d be saving printouts as proof of accuracy with your records.


An adding machine has larger buttons than a basic calculator, so you have less margin of error while playing with numbers. It prevents you from pressing the wrong keys. Moreover, the large display allows you to see the numbers at a single glance.

Additional features

Almost all adding machines have a ‘Grand Total’ function to accumulate all the numbers at once. It is useful in situations where you need to work on different figures and then calculate the net sum. For example, a tax professional has to calculate the income by month before finding the annual income of the employees.

The newer models also offer ‘Cost-Sell-Margin’ and ‘Loan calculation’ features to get accurate numbers right away. No need to get in trouble and do the math by yourself all day.

Whether you’re trying to calculate the profit rate of a business deal or your personal home expenses, a printing calculator from can definitely come in handy. The complex features and fast calculation speed make them more efficient than basic calculators.