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What should you consider when buying an eWriter?

An eWriter, also known as an LCD writing tablet, is a digital device that lets you write and sketch as you do on a notebook. An electronic notebook lets you save thousands of pages, save, and share content with your director and colleagues.

The eWriter tablets are becoming a top choice for professionals as well as students. Replace your wire-bound notebooks with a rechargeable, thin, and compact LCD writing tablet. No need to carry other office supplies accessories, such as ballpoint pens, or a calculator all the time.

If you are planning to buy an LCD writing tablet anytime soon, you might want to conduct online research, including the price in Pakistan, the features, popular models, and the accessories included in the box.

Specifications and features

Many eWriters feature a double-tip stylus pen which lets you write and draw thick or thin lines. The interchangeable stylus tips and different sizes of brushes let you demonstrate your business model conveniently.

Buying a high-resolution display is quite necessary, given a user adjusts the brightness and exposure in accordance with the background lighting. For added protection of your writing tablet, you could purchase a screen guard as well as a tablet case from Tejar.pk.

Device warranty

Checking the warranty and the digital notebook’s terms and conditions are two elements every buyer should check. Regardless of the brand's popularity, make sure that it provides free repair services or assistance if one of the electronic parts is damaged.


You would also find low-priced models in the market with limited specifications and features. Check if the device is worth the price by looking into the features, display quality, specifications, and compatibility. A versatile eWriter is the one that suits your working demands.

Battery life

As compared to their low-performance counterparts, the eWriter with good battery life are slightly thicker and heavier. It is best to trade the aesthetics of the tablets for longer battery life, especially if you are buying it for work.

Although the lithium batteries show great performance, you could use disposable ones if you have no access to a power outlet at your workstation.

Usage purpose

All the electronic tablets have a similar purpose – to jot down your ideas or make sketches. However, they are designed differently. For instance, a tablet for professional illustrators has more features than a digital notebook for toddlers. If you are planning to use the eWriter outdoors, go for weatherproof and durable housing.

Go paperless with an eWriter and jot down your ideas more conveniently. Tejar.pk has a wide range of professional electronic tablets and boogie boards for children of all ages.