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Choose the best wireless remote for your presentation

The wireless remotes give you the ability to interact with your audience and roam the stage when delivering a presentation. A good wireless clicker prevents you from standing next to the computer for manual control. Moreover, it saves you from unnecessary interruptions. For instance, you can resume the system if gone on idle mode during the presentation.

A typical wireless presentation remote includes nothing more than a few buttons to change the slides in a PowerPoint presentation. But the models available at have additional features so you can give your best to the audience. A time tracker, a resume button, and a laser pointer come in handy if you want to draw the audience’s attention to specific topics of your presentation.

Essential features your presentation remote must have

Suppose you have put on the best wireless headsets and have set up a conference camera at the right place. You are about to deliver the best to your audience with a wireless remote in hand. What features you must have in a wireless clicker to control your multimedia?


One simply does not pay the price of a good presentation remote in Pakistan without considering its design. You’d be holding the presentation clicker for reasonable time durations. Go for an ergonomic design rather than a chunky monster. If you can hold the remote comfortably for hours, it is definitely ergonomic.

Visible laser pointer

The laser pointers are a great addition to your office electronics accessories, especially if you propose business models to a lot of clients. If you want the audience to follow you, ensure that your wireless presentation remote equips a bright laser with a wide beam.


The wireless presentation remotes work on RF or Bluetooth technology. The RF technology covers up to 100 feet of transmitting distance while a Bluetooth remote can only cover as much as 30 feet of distance.

Buy the best wireless presentation remote – Logitech Spotlight

The Spotlight provides the user with the best features. With a mouse-like cursor, you can magnify the text as well as images on the screen. It connects to the multimedia seamlessly and covers a transmission distance of up to 100 feet. The highly-compatible model does not only work with PowerPoint but with Prezi and PDF readers as well.

A wireless clicker spices up your presentation by improving your time management and delivery. Find the best remotes at and become a true guru in front of your audience.