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Things to know before buying a cordless telephone set

In many homes and offices, smartphones have edged out telephones. However, it is more convenient to use wired or cordless telephones for attending standard and international calls. The internet and mobile networks do not provide the clarity we require while chatting overseas. Even after the arrival of NBN, big organizations continue to use landlines for clear-cut communication between employees, employers, and clients.

However, most people like to move around while talking. If you are one of them, a cordless telephone set would be a good option to invest in, rather than a wired landline. Here are some things to acknowledge before buying a new set:

Multiple handsets

You can have up to 6 wireless handsets around your home or office working from a single base unit. The handsets are connected to a telephone system and can be placed in bedrooms or other locations with no phone point.

Standard features in a DECT phone

All the telephone sets in Pakistan, though at different prices come equipped with standard key features. The features include a caller display, call waiting, and a speakerphone. It is located at the back of the handset. However, you could plug-in headset microphones to talk in private.


Many cordless telephone sets cover a range of up to 300m outdoors and 50m indoors. If you’re encountering a poor reception, you could buy a booster, also known as a repeater from electronics accessories.


With the immense advancement in technology, you can now add devices to your telephone set. The high-end models give you the leverage to add several office headset accessories. Apart from that, you can sync your smartphone to access your pictures or download all contacts.

Mobile calls on cordless telephone sets

You can connect your mobile phone to your handset via LiGo Bluewave technology and attend to all outgoing and incoming calls conveniently. Panasonic’s Link2Mobile technology also allows you to transfer all your contacts from your smartphone.

The cordless telephone sets are versatile and offer a great balance between capabilities and design. Easier to operate than smartphones, they give you the freedom to talk from anywhere in the house.