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Increase work productivity with the best office electronics accessories

To gain a competitive edge and maintain work productivity, the employees often invest in top-rated office electronics equipment. Many individuals optimize their home offices by investing in high-end wireless headsets, telephones, conference cameras, and other accessories.

Are you looking for feature-rich office electronics accessories in Pakistan at affordable prices? Search no more as offers a plethora of simple office gadgets including compact radiators, PC mounting kits, wrapping tubes, screen share devices, etc.

What office accessories should you get from

Already have functional accessories sitting on your office desk? Add the following cutting-edge electronic gadgets to your office arsenal and enjoy a positive impact on your work productivity.

Sennheiser SZI 30 compact radiator

Designed to be compatible with SI30, Sennheiser compact radiator is a wideband hearing system that works on infrared technology. You can use it wherever a single radiator is not sufficient enough to cover the full pattern.

Due to its relatively low operating power, it is ideal for discreet hearing assistance in small to medium-sized rooms. Moreover, it can also assist in audio transmission in well-defined zones, such as classrooms, museums, etc.

The SZI 30 compact radiator by Sennheiser requires no mounting equipment, all thanks to the precise alignment. Moreover, the easy installation saves you from the hassle of calling professionals. The 2-channel wideband works on the carrier frequencies of 2.8 and 2.3 MHz.

The integral modulator allows you to switch between frequencies and covers up to 750 square feet for excellent audio transmission.

Logitech screen share

The new screen share device by Logitech allows you to share content easily in a conference room. Just connect the HDMI cable given with the device, to any conference room computer and start sharing content right away.

This device is a first of its kind because you don’t need to connect to the internet, enter a passcode, or install any software. It saves you from the hassle while presenting video recordings, slides, and PowerPoint presentations in online meetings.

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