Wired Office Headsets products Price in Pakistan

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Is buying a wired headset necessary for the office?

If you are looking to purchase the best office headset accessories, you have landed at the right spot because Tejar.pk has an extensive range of high-end products you must-have for clear communication with your colleagues and employers. From the best office headsets to conference video cameras, we have everything you need to set up a professional meeting with the stakeholders or your remote team.

Now that we are talking about wired and wireless office headsets, you need to choose the type that is appropriate for your usage. Let’s begin with the basics and move then move forward to the styles so that it’s easier for you to shop at Tejar.pk.

Buy monaural and binaural office headsets from Tejar.pk

The monaural earphones have a single pad attached to the headband for more comfort. It also equips a single headset microphone. On the other hand, binaural headsets have two pieces to cover both ears. The binaural headsets are convenient to use when there’s potential for loud background noises. If you don’t need to communicate with others around you and only need to concentrate on the call, you should buy a binaural headset for your office.

The monaural headsets are ideal for quieter environments, such as receptions, or offices with less foot traffic. They are ideal for people who need to interact with others around them as well as with people on calls. Technically, it is possible with a binaural headset but it is a hassle to switch from in-person conversations to calls repetitively.

Noise-cancellation headsets for offices

The majority of office electronics accessories equip built-in technology to cut as much background noise as possible. The background distractions are a nuisance, especially if you work at a contact center and need to make important business sales.

The non-noise canceling office headset microphones available at Tejar.pk pick up everything to give a crisp and clear voice of the person talking on the other end. If the clarity of voice is what you seek, then a non-noise canceling headset would be the best option for you.

What are the different types of office headsets available at Tejar.pk?

The type of office headset you choose boils down to your requirements and preferences. Here are the three types of office headsets available at Tejar.pk:


If you don’t prefer full headbands, you can always go for popular neckbands. They are also sold as additional accessories by a lot of brands.

Over the ear sets

Over-the-ear headsets prevent hair squashing and are ideal for employees who need to keep a tidy appearance at all times. As they are light and compact, you could keep them safe in a drawer when not in use.

Over the head

Over the head designs are pretty common – they entail two earpieces and a band that goes over your head to keep the device in place for long hours.

The variety of office headsets available at Tejar.pk is diverse. Establish a strong communication channel with your colleagues or employees using high-end office accessories and deliver your motive confidently.