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Buy the right professional video conference camera

When it comes to team collaboration, the employees and stakeholders are no longer bound by their physical locations. The remote team in your office might stay in touch via emails, calls, and messages but nothing can beat the communication bridge that we establish through video calls.

Video conference cameras are commonly used to conduct productive meetings with remote employees. You can connect wired office headsets with these cameras to hear their ideas, or note their facial expressions and physical gestures.

If you are considering a video conferencing solution for your office, here are the main features to consider:

Wide-angle lens

Whether it is a large conference call or a small one, it is integral to ensure that every member of your team is heard and seen. Apart from buying a conference room webcam with a microphone, make sure it entails a wide-angle lens. The narrow-angle cameras can only fit 2 to 3 people in the frame.

Make sure to place the wide-angle camera far from the table so the members sitting close do not block the view of people sitting far away. If mounting the camera on the wall does not seem feasible, you could invest in a 360-degree camera and capture every member on the table.

Video quality

A camera with high-definition video quality is necessary for a business environment. After all, you are presenting future strategies for your business. At the enterprise level, a resolution of 720p or higher would suffice and deliver a crisp image.

Rather than showing a grainy video, a 1080p resolution camera focuses on the speaker when presenting the latest release. The 360-degree cameras show the entire conference room and the team in 8K resolution. It captures the image in a panoramic view and reorganizes it into a flat video on the other end.

High focus

The majority of video meetings require automatic focus to highlight the product or a person’s facial expressions. With more than 10 people in a single shot, it would be hard to identify the person speaking, even if you have a Bluetooth speaker for conference calls.

You can select the optical zoom using the presentation remote to focus on the product or the person. The latest models use artificial intelligence to recognize the person as well as the white digital board for easy content sharing.

Conference security

As digital technology surrounds corporate communication, you must take privacy into consideration as well. Some video conference cameras have privacy modes to stop hackers from accessing video meetings.

In short, there are a lot of professional conference cameras on to choose from. Therefore, it pays to demand a business conferencing system that combines different features for the ultimate video calling experience.