Smart Spot Lights products Price in Pakistan

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Highlight your home with smart LED spot lights

Be the star of your neighborhood with smart LED spot lights and make your home’s exterior as lively as the interior. The smart lights are both; decorative and functional. While other home automation gadgets are still of limited use and niche in many households, smart light panels add beauty and functionality to every space around your home.

Explore the creative side of home automation with LED spot lights available at Whether you want to highlight the favorite feature of your lawn or simply like the driveway lit, the smart spot lights do the work just fine.

How to choose the best outdoor spot lights for your home?

The best way to create beautiful accents around your home is to go for smart outdoor lighting. But before you stop on your favorite article in this category, ask yourself the following questions: Where would you like to install the outdoor spot lights? How big is the space where you want to install them? What color mixtures do you want in your spot lights?

Before weighing on features, decide on the specific type of spot lights you want in your outdoor space. Smart LED spot lights are cost-effective and energy-efficient alternatives to their traditional counterparts. The extended lifespan of the products available at saves you from the hassle of replacement for months to come.

We suggest going for a weatherproof casing with an IP65 rating to protect your smart light bulbs from condensation and water. Also, take versatility into consideration – the spikes in the housing are necessary to place them in the ground if you aren’t going for wall-mounted lighting accessories. has low-voltage spot lights that require no wiring. Just plug it in and create a welcoming ambiance for your guests.

Buy smart LED spot lights for your front door

Installing smart lights at the front door enhances the visibility and security of your place while creating a scenic environment for visitors. If security is your top concern, we suggest going for spot lights that throw a strong beam. For instance, the Lily XL outdoor LED spot light by Philips Hue is suitable and practical for high-traffic outdoor areas.

If hassle-free automation is what you look for, you’ve landed at the right place. The Wi-Fi-enabled spot lights have motion sensors that trigger the bulbs to make you feel at ease. However, the additional features in the spot light come with a hefty price in Pakistan. You might also need to program the spot lights to turn on automatically whenever you pass by the driveway.

Add a pop of color to your backyard or driveway with smart spot lights. Use thousands of shades to highlight the trees, fountains, and other features on special occasions.