Smart Lights products Price in Pakistan

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Catch up with the smart lighting trend

The smart light industry in Pakistan has finally entered a mature period of aftermarket integration and prolonged price competition. The traditional application of LED lights has been reduced in commercial and residential areas. The landowners are gradually moving towards smart lighting kits. Under the promotion of the Internet of Things and home automation, the product line has become saturated. A wide range of smart security lights, wall panels, desk lights, and spotlights are accessible to home decor enthusiasts.

Which control style should you go for?

The smart bulbs are controlled via three types of communication protocols: ZigBee, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Let’s evaluate the pros and cons of each type, based on system extensibility, control distance, and standby power.

Control distance

The Wi-Fi-enabled lighting covers the farthest distance, as opposed to Bluetooth-enabled smart lights. Even if you connect multiple lights at once, the coverage goes up to a distance of 100 meters.

Energy consumption

The transmission speed of a Wi-Fi module is the fastest if compared to that of other control types. However, the power consumption is high and the module needs about 300 to 500 mA. On the contrary, a Bluetooth module needs only 30 mA to work stably.

System extensibility

The ZigBee and Bluetooth modules are connected directly to their gateways. Therefore, the router’s performance won’t be affected, regardless of the number of smart lighting accessories connected to the modules. On the other hand, the network communication speed of the Wi-Fi module slows down if you connect more than 5 smart bulbs.

What features of smart lighting are worth your money?

As a consumer, you should always evaluate the product design and follow the market trend to bag the best smart lights for home automation. Look for the following features when buying a lighting kit:

Smart control

You can program the smart bulbs to work on basic instructions. For example, you can adjust the illumination as well as the preset time intelligently. In addition, you should look for light panels that are reactive to touch, operate with remote control, and are dimmable. The newest models of smart lights integrate with Google Home and Alexa for voice control.

Intelligent sensor

The motion sensors are responsible for dimming the lamps intelligently, turning off unnecessary bulbs, and adjusting brightness according to the natural light.

Smart scene control

With more than 16 million colors to choose from, you can create countless lighting scenes with a single touch. Just use the remote controller to make a different scene for guests, dinner, matches, parties, etc.

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