Smart Light Bulbs products Price in Pakistan

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Buy smart bulbs for home automation

Smart lighting might be the easiest way to begin home automation. As compared to traditional lighting, smart light switches give you more control of the electricity. All you have to do is pop the bulbs in the smart outlets and download the application.

Smart lighting is not limited to residential spaces only. The smart plugs and bulbs have an extended lifetime and therefore, are sustainable for commercial spaces such as classrooms, hospitals, corporations, etc. Transitioning from ordinary bulbs to smart LED bulbs is indeed, an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution. Having full control over your home’s lighting at your fingertips is enticing and convenient at the same time.

Buy high-end smart bulbs from

Like other smart home accessories, smart lights can also be controlled via mobile applications while you are away. Does the dark bother you in the winter season? Simply use the integrated application and brighten up every corner of your room while you’re out.

The wireless radio, Bluetooth, and Z-wave are used as communication protocols to fiddle with the bulbs via your smartphone. Once the bulbs are installed, you rarely have to configure them ever again. has a full range of high-end smart lighting accessories to help you with the installation process.

Furthermore, you could also buy colored LED lights to get a fancy look in your kitchen or living room. All it takes is a few responsive taps to switch between different colors.

In comparison to the smart home kit, the price of the smart bulb in Pakistan is light on your pocket. Given, they have a lifespan of more than 25,000 hours and are six times more energy-efficient than incandescent light bulbs, changing over to smart LED bulbs is beneficial in the long run.

No need to alter the ceiling or wall fixtures as smart bulbs come with different sizes of holders. Moreover, you could also handpick the smart bulbs based on their luminosity, colors, and light temperatures.

Are smart switches good alternatives to smart bulbs?

As opposed to smart bulbs, these switches need a little bit of rewiring in your home. The smart counterparts of traditional switches use Wi-Fi radios or Bluetooth and are a bit pricier. if you are particular about the light quality, then you should go for switches. But take the time-consuming installation process into consideration.

Go a step further and check out smart bulbs with built-in speakers at Change the appeal of your room with colored LED lights while listening to your favorite songs.