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Philips Hue table lamp review- Is it worth buying?

Smart lighting is an inexpensive way to make a big impact in your bedroom without taking the hassle of a complete remodel. Originally designed to be used as a night light, the Iris smart desk lamp by Philips Hue has a stylish and sleek design. Use your voice to adjust the brightness and color temperature. With a wide range of white light tones and 16 million colors, it has the ability to change the ambiance and set the vibe as per your mood.

The latest model of Iris table lamp offers a maximum output of 570 lumen, which is twice that of its predecessor. It is a must-have desk light for beginners with Bluetooth support so you can connect it to your phone and adjust the parameters. No need to buy a separate hub with Philips Hue Iris smart desk lamp.

Features, design, and performance

Philips Hue Iris has a smart spot light design and comes in white and black color. The body has an aluminum inner tube, a fabric-wrapped cord, a diffusing cover, and a plastic base for strong support. It can also serve as a nightstand but it is a bit bulkier for that. The white light temperature ranges from 2,000 K to 6,500 K and the lifespan of the smart light is up to 25,000 hours.

The first model of Iris table lamp required a bridge or external communicator for wireless control. However, the new model is Bluetooth-enabled and allows you to control wirelessly using the BT application. With the Hue application, you can set routines to help you sleep or wake up in the morning.

If you wish to control the light while you are away from home, buy a Hue bridge which is sold separately online. The Bridge by Philips Hue can control up to 50 smart lighting accessories which are great, given the Hue BT application for your smartphone can control no more than 10 devices. Moreover, the Hue Bridge also connects the Apple Home kit to Iris for added benefits.

Create custom scenes with Iris table lamp by Philips Hue

You can use the Hue BT application to adjust the brightness, select a preset and pick a color or tone to create personalized scenes. Indulge in a pleasant ambiance and brighten up your mood with prebuilt scenes like Nightlife, Seasons, Cozy, Arctic Aurora, Angel Pink, etc.

A smart accessory you must buy from

Evoke the perfect vibe for your room with an Iris table lamp by Philips Hue. It is easy to set up and requires no more than a few taps to create warming scenes. The Bluetooth feature and a significant brightness bump are definitely worth your money.