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Smart lighting for tight security of your home in Pakistan

With the rising crime rate in the neighborhoods, you can’t rely solely on door locks. Security is a substantial element of any residential or commercial space as it reassures the safety of the people around you. The majority of homeowners are now investing in innovative technologies to improve the security measures around their homes.

The smart security lights use IP cameras and motion sensors to optimize the safety and security of residential space. If the safety of your family and belongings is all you want, invest in outdoor smart lighting with a built-in camera to keep an eye on everything happening outside your home.

Many domestic and residential landowners have shown positive sentiments on using outdoor smart lights over traditional burglar alarm systems. They are user-friendly, affordable, and far more effective than other security and protection systems.

By illuminating the outdoor area with smart light panels after sundown, you are potentially deterring criminal activities. But what’s the best type to get from our wide range of lighting accessories?

Types of smart security lights for outdoor areas

Let point you in the right direction so you can weigh the pros, cons, and features of every type before the purchase:

Floodlight security light fixtures

The flood security light is a popular choice among landowners in Pakistan and for good reasons: it is easy to install, comes with an affordable price, and tends to shine brighter than a smart bulb. They are commonly installed above porches, garages, doors, and entryways. recommends the buyers go for dimmable floodlights as they brighten up the outdoor space without drawing attention to your car. Regardless of the hour, you can just glance outside and get a good view of your illuminated backyard.

HID security lights

HID or high-intensity discharge security lights are bright and feasible for large commercial properties. Their light beams cover large areas within the commercial space. Therefore, you’d commonly find them in parking lots, warehouses, garages, and stadiums.

Smart security lights with motion sensors

Motion-activated smart security lights are as effective as burglar alarm systems but without the loud sirens that wake up the whole neighborhood. The motion sensors are quite simple; they trigger the lights if they sense an intruder entering your home’s premises.

Amid the alarming crime rate, it is better to be safe than sorry. Get your hands on the bespoke security lighting systems available at and enjoy worry-free sleep all night long.