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Switch to the smart lighting system and adapt to home automation

Smart lighting is one of the foremost solutions that landowners go for when outfitting their commercial and residential properties with automation. The lighting kits provide intuitive and convenient control of all the smart light switches, plugs, and outlets through voice control, mobile application, and customized keypads. In return, you reduce energy consumption, cut down electricity bills, and improve home security.

Whether your house is new or old, modular lighting systems are perfect for consumers’ requirements. If you are not looking for a large-scale smart lighting integration right now, you can install a few smart light bulbs and panels to get started with home automation.

With the right switches and smart lights from, you can prepare to expand the smart technology around your home. Here are the modular systems you should consider when transitioning to smart home:

Wireless lighting system

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution? No need to fiddle with traditional electrical wires with a wireless lighting system. You can reap all the benefits of smart technology without making substantial changes to your home’s electrical wiring. The keypads, outlets, switches, controllers, and smart lamps install in your pre-existing wall boxes. Hence, eliminating the need to tamper with electrical wires.

By replacing traditional outlets with smart light switches, you are also reducing wall clutter by taking out regulators and dimmers. The wireless keypads are as convenient as their traditional counterparts and give complete control of lights in every room.

Centralized lighting system

All the loads are wired and connected to a central lighting system. The electrical wires have a dedicated panel that is installed and hidden in a utility room. This system equips a central control panel that eradicates the cluttered outlets, switches, and plugs in every room. Furthermore, you can choose optimal spaces to install keypads that can operate all lights at once.

If you are considering a major remodel or reconstruction of your house, the centralized lighting system is what you should go for.

Hybrid lighting system

A hybrid system integrates wireless switches, dimmers, and controllers with a centralized wired panel to provide personalized control over all lights. Install a hybrid system to control smart outdoor lighting and existing switches, outlets, and plugs at once. It provides a practical solution for residential and commercial spaces where pulling wires is not feasible.

Although home automation goes beyond smart controls, buying lighting accessories is the first step to dive into smart technology and reap all the benefits.