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Advantages of using silicone ice cube molds and trays at home

A great drink is incomplete without plenty of ice. One of the ways to ensure you always have ice ready for parties is to buy a pack of silicone ice cube trays. Zoku manufactures a wide range of BPA-free household items. However, the industry leader targets more ice cube trays with lids to fulfill consumer demand. If you are always running out of ice during family dinners and parties, has the ultimate solution for you: Affordable silicone ice cube trays by Zoku.

Benefits of buying silicone ice cube trays and molds

The ice cube molds are just as important as other utensils and food storage boxes in your kitchen. Check out the amazing benefits of silicone trays and never run out of ice again.

Easy to use

Unlike their traditional counterparts, silicone ice cube molds are flexible and are manufactured in different shapes. The ice cube trays are non-rigid, slightly sloppy, and soft to touch. Hence, it is easier to pull out the frozen blocks. No more broken plastic ice trays or struggling over the basin for ten minutes to separate the ice blocks from the molds.

Better ice cube shapes

The rigid plastic ice trays do not retain the original form of ice blocks. The shattered and broken ice cubes ruin the aesthetics of the drink. But no need to struggle with Zoku’s silicone ice trays as the cubes come out easily and the lid on them helps to retain a good shape.

Minimum wastage

The plastic ice trays are quite rigid and hard to flex. Some of the ice cubes land on the floor if you’re pulling them out in an urgency. With Zoku’s silicone ice trays, no cubes will end up on the floor. The easy removal will have you preparing drinks like an expert.

Hygienic and safe

All the ice cube molds and trays by Zoku are BPA-free. Although they are flexible and pliable, they do not release any harmful chemicals into the ice blocks. Consequently, making them safer and more hygienic than traditional trays. Moreover, they are ideal for freezing wine, baby food, soup, and juices.

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