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Enjoy the summer season with Zoku quick popsicle molds

With summer just around the corner, the children are head over heels excited for beach plans, vacations, and scrumptious popsicles. The delicious popsicles are true, a gift of the summer season to beat the heat and enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities.

The process of making traditional popsicles and gelato is quite time-consuming. The idea to enjoy popsicles every day while soaking vitamin D seems like a good idea until you have to wait hours for the mixture to freeze.

Zoku quick pop makers

What if we tell you that the new ice cream popsicle molds can freeze them instantly? The quick pop makers by Zoku are trending summer products to prepare popsicles instantly. No need to keep the mixture in the freezer for hours. The multiple quick pop maker by the brand is able to give you fresh popsicles in less than 8 minutes. It has three spots, which allows you to enjoy three different flavors at once.

They are quite similar to ice mold trays and do not take additional planning in the head. Just prepare the popsicle mixture, have fresh fruits cut to pieces, and the syrups ready to make the most flavorful popsicles this summer.

No need to pay the price for sticks and dip guards as the Zoku ice cream makers in Pakistan have both of the accessories included in the box. The ordinary utensils are not suitable for keeping popsicles in the freezer. But the Zoku popsicle storage case is an airtight container to hold them in place. If you need just one popsicle at a time, a single pop maker by Zoku would suffice for you.

Zoku traditional pop makers

The classic pop maker by Zoku has six spots and is BPA-free. The set comes with dip guards and sticks so it is easier for the kids to enjoy the melting popsicles.

The Zoku fish pop molds have impressive visuals and adorable figurines that will please the little ones in your home. The popsicle is easy to pull out from the silicone mold and each spot holds no more than 1.5 ounces of the mixture. Moreover, the large and stable base of the mold prevents spills. If you don’t like aquatic animals, you could also go for dinosaur pop molds by Zoku.

Want to try homemade popsicle flavors this summer? has BPA-free pop molds to prepare flavorful treats at home.