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Pick the best power station for your workspace

Charging stations are the most convenient yet underrated tools for any workspace. Tejar.pk has an extensive range of charging strips to suit different device charging specifications. Whether you have an Android phone, an Apple phone, a laptop, MacBook, or a USB C-type smartphone, we have got you covered.

We have wired and wireless charging stations and strips from top brands like Anker, AUKEY, and Belkin. Get rid of tangled charging cables on your work desk and charge all of your devices using a single power adapter.

Aesthetics and looks have their place but you should not keep them over functionality when buying a 3-outlet mini power strip for your office space. To find the right charging adapter, don’t miss out on the following features:

Generic vs. special charging ports

If you only have to charge your MacBook, Apple Watch, and iPhone at work, you could check out ports that look great and entail Apple charging specifications. If you want versatility and diversity, you could go for models capable of charging multiple devices. The majority of generic models have outlet power strip surge protectors and are equipped with multiple charging ports for convenience.

Quick charging

A quick charging station comes in handy on your side table, right next to your digital alarm clock to charge all your device even before you wake up. Take advantage of a strip that supports quick charge, especially if you have an Android phone. If your Apple phone supports quick charging via USB-PD, Tejar.pk has a lot of great options for you at the best prices.

Wireless charging

We have a variety of traditional power stations that also support wireless charging. Even if you don’t have any devices supporting wireless charging, it could pay off to invest in a hybrid model.

Where should you put the charging station?

Consider the station size you can accommodate and the place where you’re going to put it. You need a power outlet nearby and space to keep your devices while they juice up. As it is usually a tangle of cables, it is best to place the station out of sight. Otherwise, your workstation will end up looking messy and untidy.

If you want to keep your devices charged with a clutter-free desk, buy one of the best-charging stations from Tejar.pk and never go offline again.