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How is LaMetric Wi-Fi clock for your smart home?

LaMetric has been around for years and gives tough competition to others in the clock industry. It has more features than the brand can enumerate. The smart Wi-Fi clock has a futuristic yet sleek design and looks quite cool on the side table.

The LaMetric smart clock is connected to Wi-Fi and lets you track the weather, news, followers, time, and other metrics. It has a smart interface that keeps you updated on real-time information as long as you are connected to the internet.

Let’s have an overview of the product and see why it is the right fit for your smart home:


The electronic alarm clock entails a stylish black frame. The front panel of the clock acts like a digital display with a series of LEDs. The different layers of diffusion allow you to view the time correctly from all angles.

As it weighs 0.223 kilos only, you can place or hang it anywhere in your room. Just make sure you have a good viewing angle. The top-most part of the clock includes right and left buttons to navigate the menu. The center button allows you to take relevant actions while the action button allows you to use the application. The next and back buttons allow you to navigate between different applications.

The smart alarm clock has an ambient sensor to switch on the wake-up light as soon as the sun rises. At the back, you will find headphones and micro USB cable ports. Although the stereo speakers are present on either side of the electronic alarm clock, their voice quality is not up to the mark, as compared to standalone systems. Lastly, the buttons below the speakers are there to adjust the volume and to turn off the device.

Applications in LaMetric Wi-Fi smart clock

The LaMetric Wi-Fi smart clock has five pre-installed applications: Internet radio, stopwatch, timer, weather, and alarm clock. It gives you the option to configure the applications on the display. For example, you can keep one app restricted at all times or turn on the scrolling mode to switch between them.

The application guides you on the entire configuration process and lets you customize the screen saver, brightness, animation, text size, etc.

In short, the LaMetric Wi-Fi smart clock comes as a handy and compact device that gives real-time information and can fit well on a countertop, table, or shelf.