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Benefits of using high-speed Dyson hand dryers in your facility

Hand dryers have taken over a lot of public and commercial facilities like hospitals, offices, schools, grocery stores, amusement parks, etc. The paper towel dispensers, on the other hand, are disappearing, including their automatic counterparts. Since the spread of coronavirus, many people have been avoiding physical contact at public facilities. Hand dryers are an effective solution to keep germs at bay.

Let’s go over a few benefits of Dyson high-speed hand dryers so you know why ditching paper towel dispensers are a good idea.

Cost-effective solution

The Dyson hand dryers in Pakistan have a higher upfront price due to the electrical hook-up and initial hardware installations. However, the cost to run is very low as compared to towel dispensers. One has to consider the disposal, transportation, maintenance, and production costs before installing the electrical appliances in commercial facilities. According to research, the Dyson hand dryers are seven times more cost-effective than paper towel dispensers.

Improved cleanliness and hygiene

Many individuals are usually concerned about the cleanliness and hygiene in public restrooms. The used paper towels are often left on the sink, making the restroom look unhygienic and unkempt.

The touchless hand dryers have gained popularity because they do not harbor germs and are more hygienic than paper towel dispensers.

Time-efficient devices

A lot of energy and time goes into maintaining paper towel dispensers. It is hard to keep track of the stock or to pick up wads of used tissue papers off the floor. Taking out bathroom trash and unclogging the sinks takes extra effort and labor.

The automatic hand dryers are not high-maintenance. No need to restock the towels or unclog the sinks and toilets.

Environmentally friendly

The automatic hand dryers are environmentally friendly in comparison to tissue dispensers because they do not create waste. The hand dryers are connected to the power strips and throw cool or hot air to dry up your hands. On the other hand, every single used tissue paper goes into the trash bin.

Another factor to consider is carbon dioxide emissions. The automatic hand dryers last more than 7 to 10 years and produce 42% less carbon dioxide than tissue paper dispensers.

Should you buy cold or hot air hand dryers for your facility?

The hand dryers with the heating element add to the usage cost. However, it adds comfort and speeds up the process of drying hands. If your commercial facility is in a colder region, we suggest you get hot air hand dryers. On the contrary, the cold air hand dryers throw room temperature air onto the hands and do not increase the overall usage cost. If you are tired of high-maintenance tissue paper dispensers in your facility, buy automatic hand dryers from Tejar.pk and save your money, time, and environment.