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Buy a water protection system for your smart home

Let’s be honest; it is quite costly to repair a soggy basement or the flooring, false ceilings, and walls damaged with water leaks. The proliferation of smart water leak detection systems has made it easier for homeowners to contain the damage.

A water protection system has sensors to detect moisture and send alerts to your mobile phone. They range from in-line detectors that track the flow rate to puck-shaped water detection sensors that are attached to the floor.

Are water leak detection systems worth your money?

The basic water protection devices consist of round battery-operated discs and are installed on the floor, beneath the washing machine, toilet, sink, or refrigerator. The metal sensors in the device are designed to touch the floor while the built-in Bluetooth or any other communication protocol is used to send alerts to your smartphone.

The water leak detection systems available at Tejar.pk have loud sirens so you can hear the beeps from across the house. Whenever the metal legs come in contact with the water, the device triggers the sensor and drops off notification on your smartphone.

It is best to take action before the water accumulates as it can also damage the smart plugs, switches, and outlets nearby. For maximum coverage, choose a water leak detector with an extension cable. It works as a sensor and can be placed on the wall or floor for prompt leak detection.

If you want a full-proof leak detector for your entire house, select a product that monitors the complete water delivery system. The in-line detectors are placed close to the water meter and also become a part of your entire plumbing system. They monitor the water delivery system and track the flow rate, temperature, and pressure.

If the pressure changes or the usage spikes, both of which indicate a damaged faucet or a leaking pipe, you’d receive a push notification. The smart line of water detectors prepares monthly reports and monitors weekly water activity to spot potential troubles. Furthermore, they also run periodic tests to look for leakage and abnormal pressure in the fixtures.

Make a smart choice today

The water protection systems can send alerts to a smartphone in various ways. The Bluetooth-only detectors only send alerts when the device is within range. If you want alerts even while you’re outside, it is best to go for Wi-Fi-enabled detectors or units that can connect to your home automation system.

Put a stop to your water leakages and buy the best automatic protection units to save your walls, floors, and appliances from irrecoverable damage.