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Benefits of using smart switches in your home

Gone are those days when you used to fumble in the dark for regular switches. Many wise homeowners are switching to smart devices. The smart appliances, outlets, and plugs perform automatic routines to conserve energy and save your time and money.

A smart switch is similar to a regular light switch but with advanced features for home automation. They can easily be integrated with your smart home kits to perform an array of functions through voice control or mobile application.

However, their smart design tends to be a bit more complicated than the traditional switches. You might see some additional buttons, indicators, and sensors for proper light control.

Why should you buy smart switches for your home?

If you are looking for an upgrade, these smart home accessories will definitely be good candidates. Let’s move forward to the benefits of upgrading to smart switches:

Light dimming options

Apart from CFL bulbs, the majority of them support light dimming. The smart light switches allow you to adjust the lighting levels as per your preference. No need to install a dimmer on the wall as the advanced features allow you to control the brightness settings throughout the day. That being said, the bulbs automatically increase their brightness as the room grows darker.

Easy application controls

The smart switches and sockets are often compatible with the apps so you can control the brightness through your smartphones. That means you won’t even have to touch the switches. If you are away, you could even turn on the lights to scare away the burglars.

Sensors and light indicators

The motion sensors and light indicators are available in the majority of smart switches. These models are energy-efficient and are commonly installed in commercial buildings and corporations. The sensors detect the movement and turn on the lights whenever someone passes.


The smart switch applications create automatic schedules for lighting. Scheduling your smart switches is a good way to save energy and provide convenience to your family members around the house. For example, the vacation feature allows you to turn on only one or two lights while you are away.

Integration with advanced home automation systems

Integrate your smart switches with home automation systems and connect to a whole ecosystem of devices in the house. You can establish scenes to synchronize other smart devices with the switches.

Compatibility with different platforms

The advanced modern switches have built-in compatibility to create scenes via voice commands or app control. When looking for a smart switch in Pakistan, do not forget to double-check the price as well as its compatibility with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home.

Now that you know all about the benefits of smart switches, head over to our page, evaluate your options, and make a smart move with