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Specifications of smart plugs: How to choose the best plugs from

A smart purchase of electrical plugs comes down to various specifications, including the load power. It should always be higher than the load power of the connected appliance. The maximum load power of a smart outlet is no more than 16 amperes.

Most people go for universal smart switches and plugs to connect multiple devices. Apart from checking the heat resistance, choose a sturdy protective cap and moisture-proof material for a longer lifespan.

It is best if you invest in smart plugs supporting Z-wave and Zigbee wireless communication protocols. This way, your smart plug will be integrated with the home automation system and you’d be able to access the energy monitors, climate control systems, and smart appliances with convenience.

What specifications should you consider before buying smart plugs from

Here are the factors you should consider when buying smart plugs for your home:

Hard button

Most of the smart plugs offer a manual on/off button with a light indicator. It is best to choose a plug with a manual button as it allows you to switch on the system with minimal touch, especially if your phone is not with you.

Remote control

Select the simplest controller for your smart plug. The newest models allow the control of the plugs via mobile applications and voice commands. You only have to install the mobile application and connect to the outlets through Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, or via the control center. The price of a multichannel smart plug in Pakistan is a bit higher than a switch with a simple panel. However, the smart plugs with panel and GMS technology work in the same manner as voice-controlled outlets.

Communication protocols

It is essential to use the communication protocols in accordance with your tasks. suggests purchasing smart plugs having multiple protocols, like Bluetooth, A-Wave, Zigbee, and Wi-Fi.

Peak current and voltage surge protection

Check whether the plug entails a voltage surge protection feature. This feature disconnects the plug from the power source in case of overvoltage, overcurrent, and high temperature. If the plug does not have a peak current protection feature, it might malfunction and catch fire.

Childproofing cap

The majority of smart plugs are equipped with plastic guards to hide the electrical contacts in case the child tries to insert fingers into them. Childproofing in smart plugs is another reason why you should switch from traditional plugs.


An integrated timer diversifies different scenes, making it more convenient for you to open the blinds or turn off the lights.

If you have trouble conserving energy and cutting down electricity bills, the smart plugs can be your brainpower. Browse various smart plugs available at and take full control of the lights in your sweet home.