Water Sensors & Leak Detectors products Price in Pakistan

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Solve your water problem with leak detectors and sensors from Tejar.pk

Even if your residential area is not subject to flooding, water can cause more damage to your basement, ceiling, floors, and walls than a fire breakout. A burst pipe, a malfunctioning water heater, or a damaged supply line under your sink can be the cause of extensive property damage.

Just like an alarm system amps up your home security, a leak detector saves your home from potential damage. It is wise to install water level sensors where potential leaks can occur. The majority of homeowners place the leak detectors in the bathroom, under the kitchen basin, near the water heater, and close to the water hose in the lawn.

A few models alert the landowners through visual indication while others have moisture sensors and alarms to notify about the leaks.

Although the leak detectors were designed to mitigate water damage in industrial and commercial settings, they have become prevalent in residential environments as well.

How should you pick a water level sensor for your home?

The leaks usually occur in hard-to-reach areas of the house; therefore, you should always go for smart water level sensors and leak detectors. Just like a smart window sensor detects slight movements of an intruder, a leak detector checks the moisture and sends alert notifications so you can fix the small leaks right away.

You should pick the water level sensor and leak detector by considering the following:

Disconnect push notifications

One way to ensure that your leak detector always has your back is to go for a model that also sends disconnect alerts on your smartphone. It should be able to inform if the Wi-Fi or power connection is lost.

Smart alerts

What if your kitchen pipe bursts while you are at work? A smart leak detector should be equipped with the latest technology to send you to push notifications, email alerts, text messages, or a combination of all three so you can escape the water damage.

Power and range

Don’t have an outlet near the potential leak point? Don’t worry because Tejar.pk has a wide range of battery-operated leak detectors. The wireless water level sensors in Pakistan with all the smart features come at a higher price. Therefore, you should always set a budget in your mind before you start browsing on the internet.

The additional on-board sensors in the leak detectors identify the change in humidity levels and temperature to save your plumbing system from catastrophic damage. Our best sellers in this category are wireless and have smart features to improve your lifestyle.