Motion Sensors & Alarms products Price in Pakistan

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How are motion sensors different from home security alarm systems?

A motion-activated alarm uses an acoustic, microwave, or optical sensor to detect movement outside your workspace or home. The wireless PIR motion sensor alarms are quite common in residential spaces as they trigger a loud alarm and alert the authorities if there’s an intruder outside.

The motion detectors in the alarm systems either emit ultrasonic waves or infrared radiations to detect the movements.

You can manage the alarms via a door viewer, digital display, or smartphone application. The door and window sensors are often connected to the cloud storage so you can review the recorded data.

A smart motion sensor can be connected to a camera while a home security system consists of both units. That is why the price of a PIR motion sensor in Pakistan is low as compared to a home security unit with built-in camera and motion detectors.

Why is it important to buy motion sensors for home security?

The motion sensors form the perimeter security and warn you of the unwelcomed intruders before things get out of hand. They give you the leverage to call the authorities before and save yourself from greater damage.

The multipurpose motion sensors can be installed or placed anywhere in your home. You can mount them on outdoor walls or install them at vulnerable places for the safekeeping of valuable belongings. As they are non-detachable and compact, the burglars won’t be able to disable them.

What type of motion sensor should you buy from

A conventional method to differentiate the types of motion sensors is to compare their emitting and receiving technologies. Here are the types of motion sensors you will come across on our website:

Active motion sensors

The active sensors work on radar technology and trigger the alarm whenever they receive radio waves.

Passive motion sensors

The passive motion sensors record movements by detecting heat and primarily work on infrared technology.

Active and passive motion sensors

The combined motion sensors are commonly used in access control systems. However, they are not feasible for all areas of your house.

Should you go for wired or wireless motion sensors?

If you are in the process of improving your home security, you will definitely face the choice of buying wired or wireless motion sensors. The wired motion sensors have a higher upfront cost because they need installation from a professional provider. On the contrary, wireless motion sensor alarms require little to no setup and come with zero installation expense. Therefore, it is best to go for wireless sensors available at