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Improve your home security system with smart accessories and tools

Your house is your sanctuary where you spend valuable time with your family and friends. From attaching a set of floodlights to installing a home security system with motion sensors and alarms, there are many effective security measures you can take for the safety of your family and valuable belongings.

Your lifestyle also impacts the security measures at your home. If your home is equipped with multipurpose sensors, a video doorbell, and surveillance cameras, the burglars will less likely target your house in the neighborhood.

Whether you live in the suburbs or have a lavish house in a posh area, you need the following home security accessories to turn it into a safe refuge for your family:

Smart home locks and alarm systems

A sturdy door with a smart lock is your first line of defense against burglaries and break-ins. For an added precaution, install a door viewer so you know who’s at your front porch. The latest home alarm systems are capable to show live video feeds on your smartphone. Keep tabs on the foot traffic within the premises while you’re out enjoying yourself with friends.

Placing window and door sensors on external entry points is one way to indicate to the intruders that your house is on high alert. It is an effective way to deter crimes if you don’t have bars on your windows. As most of the bars come with a downside of entrapment, we suggest going for stylish yet functional contact sensors.

Smart home security lights and cameras

The majority of concerned homeowners are now putting smart security lights and surveillance cameras to keep an eye out for suspicious activities. Take the direct approach and install wireless security cameras at the main entry points. The wise placement of the cameras might intrigue the potential intruder to leave the premises.

Instead of wired spot lights, go for the smart and wireless counterparts as they save energy while serving the same purpose.

Home security tools and accessories are becoming smarter, smaller, and accessible to everybody. If you are looking for a doorbell or a chime to upgrade your alarm system, Tejar.pk is here to deliver top-notch products to your doorstep.