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Use the lighting to set the scene and the mood with the help of lighting products by HIVE. Energize your mornings with the help of a crisp cool shade and then choose a more subtle warmer tone for the quiet evenings.

Hive helps you in saving money thanks primarily to its long-lasting LED smart bulbs that are rated A+ for the energy efficiency they provide. Control them using a remote to ensure that none of them is left switched on when you leave for the day. The Hive app on the other hand helps you in managing the lighting through your phone so you have it just like you want it to. You can also set smart schedules and personalize the lighting experience for each room allowing your lights to turn on and off automatically.

The Hive Smart Hub allows you to connect all your Hive devices at home. The device then empowers you by offering the control of all devices with the help of a tablet, laptop, and smartphone.